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For sale in Morongo Valley California Diatomaceous Earth, Equine Horse Manure, Dog Food, Cat Food, Equine Horse Hay, Equine Horse Feed Pellets, Equine Horse Feed Cubes, Equine Horse Salt Lick.

Trail Rides:  Private, guided, horseback riding tours in the valleys of the majestic San Bernardino Mountains.  Horseback rides Located just 19 miles north of Palm Springs and 17 miles SW of Joshua Tree, nestled in the Morongo Valley basin in between the San Bernardino Mountains.  Horseback rides for all levels, and all ages, with over 30 horses on property.  Book your reservation today with Jacklyn at 760-831-6450 or email her at J@CrazyHorseranch.BIZ.  Visit her on the web at www.CrazyHorseRanch.BIZ.  Lessons, Training, Weddings, Birthday and other Parties, BBQ's, Overnight Stays, (in the “Casita” home, or Riders Lounge).  It's beautiful here.


Horse Boarding:  Located just 19 miles north of Palm Springs and 17 miles SW of Joshua Tree, nestled in the Morongo Valley basin in between the San Bernardino Mountains.  Private, well kept and clean, with large stalls, a very large arena, round pens, and miles and miles of trails to ride in.

Call Scott at 760-831-0044, e-mail him at horseboardingforyou@yahoo.com and visit on the web at www.HorseBoarding.BIZ for more information.  It's beautiful here.


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Only 13 miles from 
Desert Hot Springs,
20 miles from 
Palm Springs California,
29 miles from 
Cathedral City,
30 miles from 
Rancho Mirage,
37 miles from 
Palm Desert,
37 miles from 
Indian Wells,
37 miles from 
Bermuda Dunes,
41 miles from 
La Quinta, and 
41 miles from Indio.

Just 11 miles from
Yucca Valley,
17 miles from 
Joshua Tree
32 miles from Twentynine Palms California